music licensing children1. Do I need to purchase an instrument for my child to be in Kidzrock?
Kidzrock provides all instruments for classroom instruction. You are not obligated to purchase an instrument to participate in the program.

2. Is my child expected to practice at home?
There is no practice expectation outside of band rehearsal.

3. Can my child participate in Kidzrock if they have never played an instrument?
Kidzrock is ideal for children with little or no instrumental experience. The use of modified instruments makes playing an instrument accessible for younger children.

4. What if my child can’t read music?
Kidzrock implements a color-coded music notation method that makes reading easy and fun. As long as a child recognizes letters and colors they can participate in the program. Children in Kidzrock learn how to read notes on the Treble and Percussion clef.

5. What if my child wants to only play one instrument in the band?
Kidzrock is designed to expose children to the basic mechanics of guitar,drums and keyboards. This allows a child to experience and understand the musical components of a rock band. Kidzrock is also an opportunity for a child to discover which instrument they enjoy playing most. Dave Simon also licenses Jr. Rockerz (ages 7-11) which is for children that want to play one instrument in the band. (visit www.dsrockschool.com for more info about Jr. Rockerz)

6. My child already takes private lessons. Will this program meet his/her musical needs?
Your child will be encouraged to play instruments they are familiar with as well as ones they have never played. Kidzrock creates a real time ensemble experience that can only be achieved in a group setting.  The Kidzrock song book increases in complexity with each new song allowing a child to learn the fundamentals of music theory.

7. My child is left handed. Will this be a problem with holding some of the instruments?
Instruments can be re-positioned to accommodate a left handed student. Did you know that Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain played guitar left handed and didn’t even reverse the string order!

8. Do they play familiar rock songs in band?
Each child receives the Kidzrock CD to familiarize themselves with the songs they will play in band. Kidzrock songs are written specifically for the program since standard pop songs are comprised of chords that change too quickly for this age group. The Kidzrock songs are fun to sing-along-pop songs with age appropriate lyrics.

9. Are the Kidzrock guitar strings easier on the fingers compared to a standard guitar, or same?
The strings on the Kidzrock guitar have wider spacing than the strings on a standard guitar. Younger children have yet to develop the fine motor skills to manage the tight spacing on a 6-stringed guitar.

10. Do students learn new songs in each session?
Yes. There are 23 songs in the Kidzrock song book. Each song introduces a new musical concept or increases in difficulty.

11. How many songs do students learn in a session?
Students learn 2 songs and sing a third song from the Kidzrock CD.

12. What is the minimum and maximum amount of students in each band.
Three is the minimum and six is the maximum.

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