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Are you are looking for an easy-to-implement program that can increase your sales by 20% and set you apart from the competition? Would you like to expand your demographic and increase your customer lifetime value? Children as young as 4, experience success and accomplishment in this groundbreaking music program. Successful students become lifelong customers.

Kidzrock  is an affordable and easy to implement program. This tested and proven method attracts customers due to it’s unique concept and experience. It offers the rock band experience to an age group that has few musical ensemble opportunities. This turnkey program is a great way to attract customers as a fun and affordable introduction to playing an instrument. It is also an attractive program since customers do not need to rent or purchase an instrument. A licensee is able to increase earnings by offering a group program with multiple programming possibilities.

Licenses can be purchased by individuals and organizations who wish to bring the program into their community. A licensee is able to use the program’s trademark, curriculum, CD and promotional materials. They also receives in-depth training, ongoing support, and an operations manual to assist in all aspects of the program.

Who is a Licensee?

Music schools, art centers, and individual music educators are all ideal candidates for purchasing a license. The program can serve as a primary source of income or additional revenue.

The Kidzrock Licensee Packet

Each licensee receives the following.

  1. The Kidzrock song books (guitar, drums, keyboard)
  2. The Kidzrock CD
  3. The Kidzrock Operations Manual
  4. Use of the Kidzrock website for marketing and promotions
  5. The Kidzrock training video
  6. In person or remote training
  7. Use of Kidzrock logo, photos and other marketing materials

The Kidzrock Song Books

grow your music studio

The program includes over 20 songs written specifically for the program. The skill level increases with each song as new musical concepts are introduced. The songs are performed as instrumentals but also have an accompanying tune that band members sing. These songs are what comprise the CD. The song book is for class room use only. Students do not receive a copy of this book.

The Kidzrock CD

The Kidzrock CD is comprised of kid friendly pop songs that accompany the program’s song book. Each student receives a copy of this CD when they enroll in the program. Students play and sing these songs in their rock band. The CD helps builds the child’s excitement in the days leading up to their first band rehearsal.

Operations Manual

The operations manual details all aspects of operating the program. It includes sections on training, lesson plans, marketing, business strategies, programming options, human resources and implementation. We also offer email, phone and Skype support.


A monthly newsletter is emailed to all licensees. The newsletter contains program updates, Teaching tips and marketing concepts.

Web Site

Kidzrock maintains this website including information about the program philosophy and history. There are FAQ’s for parents, videos and copies of the newsletter. This web site is another useful marketing tool for the licensee.


Licensees can spend up to 4 hours of  training with its creator Dave Simon at Dave Simon’s Rock School in St. Louis, MO. All licensees receive a training video to accompany the teaching portion of the operations manual. Licensees can also be trained over the phone if they are unable to travel to St. Louis. (*licensees are advised to thoroughly read through the manual and watch the training video prior to training)


Kidzrock is invested in the success of all of its licensees. We want to stay connected with our licensees as they are getting their programs off the ground. We can offer advice on everything from marketing, budgeting, staffing, teaching techniques and programming. We are here to help your grow and market your studio.

Thinking of Becoming a Licensee?

We recommend sending out an email message or facebook post to gauge your current customers interest in Kidzrock. Try using this post below and link.

“We are considering offering this innovative music program for 4-7 year olds. Kidzrock is a nationally acclaimed program that teaches  children how to play an instrument in the setting of a real rock band. No instrument purchase required. “Like” or comment on this post if you think this would be a good fit for our studio.”

post this link ( in your facebook post. Delete the link after the Kidzrock video appears in  your post.

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