Kidzrock Music Class for ChildrenWe launched Kidzrock this summer with 25 students enrolled. We were thrilled to see such immediate results! The kids and parents love the band experience. The educational plan and original music created by Dave Simon sets the framework for each student to experience best practices in music education while having fun, singing, playing several instruments and being a rock star! Kudos to Dave Simon!

~Marianne Cooper, Founder & Executive Director Richland Academy of the Arts (Mansfield, OH)

Our first Kidzrock concert  went great!  The kids really came thru, and the parents were all very happy! 12 kids enrolled in our first session and some of them are already talking about signing back up. One kid moved into our private lesson program. Kidzrock is doing exactly what I  hoped it would do for our studio.

~Joe Chila, Founder Rochester Musicians Academy (Detroit, MI)

Kidzrock is a complete and comprehensive program with a full curriculum and specifically detailed activities throughout the eight weekly classes. Our instructors do not have to create material as they go through the course, yet can add their own stylistic nuances to give the program a “local” flavor.

Feedback has been very positive from our parents! Kidzrock allows their 4 to 7 year olds to express themselves creatively at an early age, not to mention the developmental aspects of learning to create rhythms and differentiating musical notes.

Dave has been extremely supportive of our efforts to get Kidzrock started in our store, and has offered many helpful suggestions as we worked to develop and implement the Kidzrock curriculum into our product offerings. This program has been a wonderful addition to our business. If you are looking to boost your “presence” in your market area- not to mention creating a whole new generation of musicians- this program may be just what you are looking for!

~Mark Landon: President of Halpin Music Company (Alton, Illinois)

Kidzrock is especially unique in its approach to teaching and experiential learning. The color system and modified instruments makes the rock band experience accessible to young children. Students love the group interaction and are having so much fun they don’t even realize they’re learning the fundamentals of music.
The Kidzrock Operations Manual has been key to our success with this program. Everything you need to know about running the program is right in the manual. It provides a great foundation complete with creative ideas, problem solving and encouragement.

I never feel out in the cold with Kidzrock. Dave is available for any and all questions, input, and support. The method is tried and true and Dave is committed to helping us make it work!

~Kelly Wells: Music Director, Folk School at KDHX (St. Louis, MO)

The Kidzrock curriculum is very thorough and leaves the guesswork out of the equation.  The manuals make it very easy for a program director and an instructor to understand the processes and desired end result.  Parents enjoy seeing the kids perform at the end of the session.  They also appreciate the idea that the students are learning the concept of playing music as an ensemble and the basic music practices attached to this. 

Kidzrock has enabled us to reach students of a certain age that may not have otherwise gotten involved in music instruction.  The low pressure, fun, unique atmosphere these classes create help us tap in to a new demographic.

Dave has been extremely helpful and supportive and is completely dedicated to seeing this program succeed for us. His assistance with instructor training and providing useful marketing materials made my job much easier.  

~Brian Vaccaro: Director of Music Education Mozingo Music (St. Louis, MO)

Kidzrock is a fantastic program for beginning a child’s musical education. The program is truly unique in that it puts children ages 4-7 in an environment where they can begin to not only understand different concepts of music but also directly apply them in a rock band setting.

The color coordination to notes in the sheet music really helps the kids connecting note names to the notes on their respective instrument. This design is also instrumental in the band members ability to begin reading sheet music without being overwhelmed. As a guitarist myself I love the design and concept of the three-string guitar. This design has made the guitar approachable for 4-7 year olds.

I have had countless parents come up to me after a Kidzrock performance in complete awe that their child just played a rock concert and performed well beyond their expectations. They see the potential in their child and tend to want to pursue private lessons as a next step in their music education.

~Matt Maher: Camp Director, Kidzrock at COCA (St. Louis, MO)

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