Blog: Kidzrock Rocks the US

kidzrock-fbpostIn 2005 a friend and I discussed if we thought it was possible to teach young kids how to play music as a rock band.  6 and 7 year olds maybe; 4 and 5 year olds were for sure too young. The concept was never really explored until four years later when I was looking for a new way to expand Rock School. Focus the school of rock music on teenagers was obvious, but there was this entire population of children I wasn’t reaching. Rock music is great for its raw emotion and sometimes simple but driving rhythms and chords.  Maybe little kids could play it if it could be simplified even more and slowed down? Drummers could just play a simple hands-together patter, the keyboards could play labeled notes on the keyboard, but the guitars were a show stopper. How do you get little hands to manipulate the guitar? I had given guitar lessons to 5 year olds before but they could only reach a few strings.  I could only teach them simple melodies leaving more than half the guitar unplayable. Over time and through a lot of experimentation, I developed Kidzrock – a rock band program designed for kids ages 4-7.